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Cover Mum

I am a French working mum in my mid thirties. Londoner for almost a decade, love it – hate it. I have a certain addiction to style rather than fashion. Too old to follow trends frantically, too young to hide in a work suit. The overall result is a mix of big fashion brands, high street and niche designers. A Parisian je ne sais quoi uplifted by British extravaganza. My obsession extends to kids fashion but I have to fight hard my daughter's mono compulsion for princess dresses...

I also love travelling. And I am fascinated by Japan (their design, architecture, art and culture, food and fashion of course).

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, going to the theatre (love the Barbican, love the Old Vic but have never managed to go to the Almeida, how is that possible?), going to the Tate Modern, and to the movies (only the ones where I can sip on a glass of wine while watching obviously) and trying new Japanese fusion restaurants (great fan of Dinings and Sosharu). I am also a TV shows bulimic, particularly from Scandinavia (love their female portraits, Sarah Lund, Saga Noren).

The man of the household, loving husband and dad, is obsessed with photography, Leica, Hasseblad, digital, film, colour and black & white and humours me in my recent blog enterprise. All the pictures of me displayed on Cover Mum are therefore homemade but of truly high standard. And obviously make me look much better than in real life. My husband is a professional family photographer so you're ever looking to capture those precious moments with your kids make sure to check him out at MySweetFamilyFoto

Cover Mum is about busy and chic women of our times who do not wish to compromise between family, friends, work and style but rightly want to have it all. While this blog started as a personal hobby, I hope it will speak to other women who may find some inspiration in my posts. I therefore hope to have the privilege of counting to count you amongst my readers and that you will share with others around you. 

I would love to hear your impressions.

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