K.Moss x Equipment on a budget

K.Moss x Equipment on a budget


We all love Kate Moss and her impeccable looks. Always so faultless without following any trend but her own. So cool yet so chic. She just rocks. And her recent collaboration with Equipment is amaaaazing.

I stumbled upon the collection she designed for Equipment at Trilogy in Marylebone. And my heart just sank. That moment of 'I need this, and I need it now!'... But then my heart sank again when I read the price tag. Come on, £375 for a shirt???!!! Equipment has always been on the (very) pricey end of the spectrum. But even for a statement piece that's quite steep. Especially as this is not the sort of shirt you are going to take out of your wardrobe very often. Let's face it, if you end up wearing it more than once with the same people, you will likely get the impression they are secretly thinking, 'Ah  I have seen this one on you before'...


So anyway, as I was obsessing about Miss K's latest style, I had to find a way of imitating it without robbing a bank. And my wish came true a few shops away at The Kooples. So it's not as perfect as the Equipment Signature silk blouse but it is close enough for me. And at more than a fifth of the Equipment shirt price, I even feel like I have saved money!

Beyond the red and black (or black and white) shirt, the Kate Moss style is pretty straight forward to put together. A visible relaxed tee under your statement shirt. Black or grey skinny jeans. A black blazer or military jacket. Heeled black sandals or ankle boots. And a maxi tote bag. But don't forget to add a few studs somewhere (a studded belt tends to work quite well). Et voila, you're done.

If you need any of these, scroll down to the bottom to shop the look.


Shop the look

1. The KooplesDots & Roses Shirt, £67.50

2. Wassa Overdyed T-Shirt from Zadig & Voltaire, £38

3. Tux Suit Jacket by Topshop, £45

4. ZaraSkinny Black Jeans, £17.99

5. Leather Belt by The Kooples, £67.50

6. (the real thing worn by Miss K herself) Large Sac de Jour by Saint Laurent, £2,150

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Cool Tees

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