Kalamarie x Cover Mum

Kalamarie x Cover Mum

Dear fashion friends,

I need to let you in on a secret, one that you will likely be glad to know before Xmas (or more precisely, before you have tipped off Santa about which handbag you are secretly coveting this year). Forget about all the mainstream designer brands (been there, done that and seen it everywhere). What you actually want and need is a Kalamarie, a new, uber chic, sophisticated, luxury brand that has been reserved to a happy few until now but which is gradually becoming the talk of the town. 

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Kalamarie six months ago as I was randomly going through instagram (now I know why we live in this crazy social media world!). Their quirky chic handbags were basically screaming my name and I instantly fell under the spell of this Colombian brand. Entering the world of Kalamarie is like stepping into a candy shop, everything is simply irresistible: handpicked, homemade, 'carefully sourced, lovingly treated, masterfully crafted' candies. And so I had to have a bite at some South American caramel. Remember that gorgeous cognac saddle bag I was wearing in a recent post (The Navy Blazer 8/11)? That's a Kalamarie. 

Josephine Saddle Bag sold out in Cognac but still available in  grey  or  burgundy  at 60% off (£260).

Josephine Saddle Bag sold out in Cognac but still available in grey or burgundy at 60% off (£260).

Since I bought my first Kalamarie, I got to know a bit more about the story behind this mysterious exotic name. Two sisters (Karen & Melisa), born in Cartagena, now expatriated in London and New York, who literally started their brand overnight (over lunch actually), drawing inspiration from their mystical home town (the gecko, the ethically sourced leather) and their experience of modern western cities (the structured shapes, the urban edge). A truly inspiring story of self driven women. That pretty much ticks all the boxes for me: exclusive design, finest leather, independent family-run brand, passionate audacious women, and of course gorgeous unique products. So I was incredibly excited when Kalamarie asked me if I wanted to collaborate with them and try and style their handbags with my own wardrobe. The result is pictured below. It's made me even more obsessed with Kalamarie than I was before...

Bernie Mini Doctor Bag

What was I saying about candies again? You could almost imagine this bag hanging from a Xmas tree, right? Concentrated beauty and perfection and burgundy velvet is so on point. So perfect actually that this bag sold out within days of its release in NY so its launch in the UK has been delayed. But it can be pre-ordered on line here.

Wearing Ba&sh jumpsuit (combinaison Mosetta, £280).

Wearing Isabel Marant knitwear (Illia cut-out sweater, £335 sold out on Matches Fashion, low on stock at Net-a-Porter...) and MIH Jeans (Bodycon Marrakesh, £45 on The Outnet)

The Allie Maxi Clutch

This gorgeous emerald green leather / crocodile oversize clutch is currently 50% off at £340 (Allie Maxi Clutch). And as you can tell from the pics below, it simply works with everything (casual, dressy, workwear...) and it also fits a laptop. Bingo! 

Wearing ME+EM shirt (Forever chic layering shirt, £79) and Sezane suspender trousers (sold out unfortunately but they have other styles still available...). 

Amelie Mini Box Bag

Possibly my favourite of the range at the moment. Obviously it's inspired from French heroine Amelie Poulain so it has all the quirkiness, elegance and urban chic that I am so fond of. Honestly, I don't think I will be able to resist this one much longer (please Santa!). And it's currently half price at £285... Ever heard of high quality, edgy and bold leather / croc handbag at this price!? It also comes in emerald green for those tired of black. (Amelie Mini Box Bag)

So, tell me, which candy bag might you be tempted by...?

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