Mid Street Fashion

Mid Street Fashion

Thought I would do a bit of a tour de table of the new stuff this week. Don't know about you but am really starting to get nauseous about the sales... It's almost reached a point where I find that a reduced price tag has become a deterrent: out with the old, in with the new please! I guess that's also because the weather is so damn miserable right now that all I want to think about is Spring and Summer collections! So anyway, I have done my usual manic online browsing, only this time with a particular focus on those brands which are neither high street nor designers. And I have selected all my faves. You could say all the items below are pretty much on my wishlist. 


No doubt you are familiar with Zara's older, more exclusive (read more expensive too) sister, Üterque. The clean cuts are very similar to Zara only generally better fitted and also better quality. And you're also less likely to see it worn by everyone else in the office or on a Saturday night. They have not yet released their full SS17 collection but from what I have seen so far, it is all very inspired from the best designers. Isabel Marant-esque shoes, Gucci mule dupes, Chloe type blouses and trousers. I am currently restraining myself from buying those sparkly pinkish mules. Also madly in love with their high waisted trousers / culottes...

1. Buckled Ballet Flats, £95

2. Black Crossover Jumpsuit, £145 - One always, always needs a jumpsuit, actually several and one should always own a cropped jumpsuit. Important things in life!

3. Metallic Mules, £95 - Exactly the sort of shoes I tend to obsess about. Not the ones you wear on a daily basis but definitely the ones you watch with pride on your shoe-rack and wear with extreme pleasure on a Summer night

4. Silk Floral Shirt, £95 - I am rarely into the whole romantic floral thing but there is definitely something about this one, perhaps it's just that it smells like a field of poppies on a balearic island...

5. T-Shirt with Shoulder Pads, £45 and Maxi Skorts, £115 - The skorts don't seem to be available yet but they have a call list if you want to be notified when it becomes available. Am on it of course!

6. Trousers with Tie Waist, £95

& Other Stories

Similar story and similar price range to Üterque (perhaps slightly cheaper). This is H&M's high end sister brand which all London fashion bloggers so often raid. The style is a bit more bohemian, romantic casual so a fantastic destination for all weekend / work from home days. They tend to have really cute and cheap jewellery (like this gorgeous Amour necklace), pretty blouses, cute lingerie, as well as nice jeans and ankle boots.

1. Accordion Skirt, £85

2. Amour Necklace, £17

3. Broderie Anglaise Frill Blouse, £55 - So so pretty. Can totally picture this blouse on a blue washed out, destroyed pair of jeans...

4. Frilled Lace Soft Bra, £17 - I don't invest enough in proper lingerie. And pink is just perfect under white tees or even open blouses.

5. Studded Western Chelsea Suede Boots, £125 - Shame I own way too many ankle boots, these ones are just perfect!

6. Raw Edge Denim Jeans, £55

Topshop Unique

The essence of London coolitude of course. Topshop Unique has all the ingredients for the perfect edgy street style look. Those boots, come on! Need them in my life!

1. Aubrey Dress, £225

2. Pointed Zebra Heels, £150

3. Levy Pullover, £165

Banana Republic

Not my favourite of all these brands. Range really varies from one season to the next and this time could not find much apart from these. But that's one cute Summer blouse, a rather perfect cross-body suede bag and a scarf that could perk up a dull workwear outfit so all worth having on the wishlist.

Corporate Brands

Corporate Brands

Le Trench Coat

Le Trench Coat