Girls in the Hoodie

Girls in the Hoodie

For me, up until recently hoodies rhymed with Rihanna or teenager gangsta style (they're probably the same actually). In any case, they were pretty inconceivable in the world of a 35+ year old working mum. Yet after having seen hoodies being styled in much more creative ways and worn by some of my fashion role models (or at least not just by R&B singers), they have become a new obsession of mine. I keep picturing hooded sweatshirts with all kinds of outfits. Is the fact that I am actually considering wearing hoodies, and worse, that I am even contemplating wearing a hoodie at work or for a night out, the symptom of a midlife crisis moment?? Maybe it is but take a look at these various looks first, and please do let tell me if none of these are tempting.

1. Athleisure style

Let me start with the most obvious, perhaps least exciting, but easiest style to wear the hoodie. The off to the gym / off travelling style. It works but you do need to accessorize it a bit I would say. Make sure you wear it with a maxi it bag, oversize sunglasses or with heels for an effortless streetstyle look. Or for a 'just come out of bed but I still look awesome', wear with a stand-out t-shirt with the hood casually on top on your (fake) messy hair. 

2. With an XL Denim Jacket

Not sure this look is for everyone (for you do need to have kept one your 1980s' boxy denim jacket preciously, which I clearly haven't) but I bet it could work for a schoolrun for example. 

3. With a biker jacket

If I did not own a suede or leather biker jacket already, I would probably buy one just to be able to recreate that look. I know we have seen it a number of times already but I don't feel it has gotten old. At least not for me. And I very much intend to wear this combination as soon as we properly enter Spring. Stay tuned on my Insta profile!

4. With a formal jacket

Like I said, I think the hoodie deserves an entrance in the corporate world. Especially my corporate world where everybody is so tediously standardised. I can't wait to see my colleagues faces the day I decide to wear a tux jacket with a hoodie underneath!

5. With a Trench Coat

Anybody else ever wondered why on earth trench coats are the epitome of rain coats when they don't actually protect your head from the rain?? Well then, hooded sweatshirts are not just cool they are also practical!

6. Over an evening dressy style

My absolute favourite hoodie style. So stylish and so damn cool. Honestly am I just losing it? 

1. Juicy Couture Logo Velour Juicy Dots Robertson Jacket, £104.06 (50% off)

2. Maison Kitsuné Zip Hoodie Tricolor Fox Patch, €180

3. Superdry Applique Slouch Hoodie, £44.99

4. Claudie Pierlot Terrible Sweater, £165

5. Maje Hooded Sweatshirt, £170

6. ASOS Cropped Pullover Hoodie, £18


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